By virtue of his or her Baptism, every member of the Church has been called to two things: to be holy and to share the good news. These are known as the universal calls or vocations to holiness and mission.

As a Catholic school we foster the calling within a school culture of vocation. Our students learn that they have each been called by God by name. God’s calling and an invitation into a relationship of love with Him is never generic; God does not call boys and girls and Lakes, He calls each disciple individually and bestows upon him or her the graces to live out the call. Our students learn to pray and discern how God may be calling them. They come to know the graces and charisms (gifts) that God has given to them. Our parents, teachers, and priests serve as living examples of the many types of callings with which the Lord chooses to share with His Church.

Each year our 7th grader students attend a vocation day at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. The day begins with Mass and a vocation talk from the Director of Priestly Vocations or one of the seminarians for the boys and a member of a female religious community for the girls. They have the opportunity to ask questions, take a tour of the seminary, and pray to discover what vocation God may be calling them to. Every person is the Church is called by virtue of his or her Baptism to be holy, to evangelize, and the serve the Church in some state of life.

In preparation for Confirmation and throughout a student’s high school Theology classes, the Church’s different vocations are discussed in detail: marriage and family life, the priesthood and diaconate, religious and consecrated life. Every November, during National Vocations Awareness Week, our students, parents, and staff are surveyed and asked to put forward names of young men and women at our school whom they feel may have been called by God for vocations of service in the Church. In 2017, Laker alumus Fr. Steven Petroff (82) was ordained a Paulist Father in New York. Laker alumnus Karl Romkema (09) is studying for the priesthood with the community of the Holy Cross in South Bend, Indiana and will be ordained a priest on the Saturday of Divine Mercy weekend in 2019.