Elementary Offerings

Student Government – 4th and 5th Grade
Student Government consists of 4th and 5th grade students, elected in the beginning of each school year, and teachers working to serve our school and community through a variety of activities.

Math Pentathlon – Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Math Pentathlon is a nationwide program that helps students increase their math skills by promoting teamwork and friendly competition, while having fun. Students learn to play 5 games that involve math (arithmetic, fractions, patterns, algebra and geometry). Practices are held after school beginning in January for each of the three divisions offered. A day-long tournament is held at the end of the program.

Elementary Drama – 4th and 5th Grade
The elementary drama club is open to students in 4th and 5th grades.  Drama workshops are held throughout the school year.  Every student in the club is given a speaking role in our spring production.

Elementary Robotics – Jr First Lego League – Kindergarten – 3rd Grade
First Lego League – 4th and 5th Grade
Robotics is a competitive sport of the mind which gives students K-3 an introduction to science and technology by designing and building a challenge-related model using LEGO components.

Chess Club – Kindergarten – 5th Grade
Chess club is intended to promote increased knowledge and understanding of the game of chess for its own sake as an intellectual sport.

Scouts – American Heritage Girls, Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts
These groups meet at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Elementary School after school hours. Information about meetings is available through the school office.

Secondary Offerings

Student Council/Government
Our Lady of the Lakes student governments fosters leadership qualities in our secondary students. As members, students organize and promote school activities on campus and lead students in community service projects.
Student Council Advisors Grades 7&8: Mrs. Stephanie Swearingen & Mr. Scott Lewis
Student Government Advisor Grades 9-12:  Mrs. Elizabeth Kotulis & Mrs. Leah Preston

National Junior Honor Society & National Honor Society
The National Honor Society chapter provides the opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership, character, service and scholarship. NHS & NJHS coordinate charitable collections and other service activities throughout the school year.
NJHS Advisor:
NHS Advisor: Mrs. Zaleski

Students Leading Students
Student Leadership Services or Students Leading Students (SLS) is a program that is ongoing throughout the United States, and now at Lakes! SLS is a board of students who start projects and fundraisers to improve our school. We work to make our school a better place in areas of bullying, new ways to learn, and making Lakes the best it can be. SLS isn’t just limited to that, we listen to everybody’s creative ideas, and want to hear yours too!
SLS Advisor: Ms. Leah Preston

Robotics – First Robotics Team
Our Lady of the Lakes First Robotics program began in 2013.  Students have the opportunity to enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Skills through robotics but on a larger scale working with larger robots.  The students have the opportunity to design, build and program the robot, and during the competitions are able to join together with other teams to form alliances and build teamwork.  Students compete in the First Robotics competitions throughout the state.
Advisor:  Mr. Rich Topolewski

Our drama club offers the opportunity for students to actively participate in theatrical productions.  Students may choose to utilize their acting talents or be a part of the technical crew, working sound or lights or stage management. The school produces two productions each year – one in the fall and one in the spring.
Drama Advisors/Directors: 
Technical Director:  Mrs. Mary Cottrell

Guitar Club
Guitar Club is not just for guitars. We have many students who are learning to play the ukulele and welcome other musical instruments as well. Students of ALL LEVELS are welcome as both the students and staff are willing to help anyone who wants to learn. It is not strictly lessons, but a community of people attempting to learn the same craft. The Club functions organically: sometimes we show each other our favorite music, sometimes we all play on our own, and sometimes we go around the room playing for one another. At the end of the year, for anyone who is interested, we host an Open Mic Night at a local coffee shop to get out and play in public for a supportive crowd.
Advisor: Mr. Daniel Kennedy

Liturgical Choir
Students may join the school choir to lead our music during school liturgies.  The choir meets prior to school liturgies once a week.
Advisor:  Mr. Tim Smith

Recycling Club
Our Lady of the Lakes Recycling Club is a student-directed organization with the goal of saving the planet, beginning with our own school. We meet every other week in order to plan projects such as developing and promoting recycling at school, raising awareness about environmental issues, and promoting green initiatives at Our Lady of the Lakes.
Advisor: Mr. Daniel Kennedy and Ms. Leah Preston