Wearing the Laker “L” on your chest is a badge of honor. It is a signal to all that you have earned the right to call yourself a varsity athlete. While this jacket speaks volumes about you and your own successes, you equally represent our school and speak about OLL through your actions while you wear our “L”. Wear it with pride, wear it confidently, and wear it as a badge of honor. 

How to I earn a Varsity Letter?

Due to the nuance from sport to sport, each varsity sport has its own parameters for earning a varsity letter. Coaches will determine varsity status for each athlete. These parameters will be standardized for all athletes within the sport and apply to each athlete in the sport equally. 

While each sport will be different, general criteria will be that the athlete engaged in competition at the varsity level for OLL. They must do so honorably and for an entire season. Students who are removed from teams, or who quit will not be eligible to earn a letter for that year. Similarly, athletes who do not participate in ANY contests due to injury or ineligibility are not eligible to earn a letter for that season.

How do I get the Physical Letter?

While we cannot prevent anyone from purchasing a blue and white “L”, only “L”s given to an athlete by the coach or athletic director are considered authentic and valid. At the conclusion of the season, the coach should indicate through a certificate or verbally that varsity status was achieved. Players must then visit the athletic office to acquire a physical letter from the athletic director. There is no charge for one letter. NOTE: Logos & Letters will not provide customers with an “L” The customer must bring this to the store to be attached. 

Where do I get a Varsity Jacket?

Many companies produce varsity jackets, however Our Lady of the Lakes works with Logos & Letters in Clarkston on Dixie Hwy to ensure our parameters are maintained. This shop has our design, limitations, and fair pricing for these jackets. Many families wish to purchase jackets as gifts. It is perfectly acceptable to purchase the jacket while you await the physical letter. The letter can be easily added after the fact. 

Alternatives to the Jacket

A secondary option for varsity athletes is a varsity sweater, also available at Logos & Letters. Many students choose the option as an alternative to the jacket. If a student wants a second Letter, they may purchase one for $10 from the athletic office. The sweater may be blue or white and can be worn as a uniform option any day, including Mass days. Note: students must wear an oxford shirt under the sweater, and boys must wear a tie with their oxford shirt.