Secondary Resource Room

Our resource room will provide support for students with specific learning disabilities as well as for students who need…..

  • A quiet place to work
  • A place for academic support (e.g., helping with directions, supporting content previously taught, developing strategies to help students be more successful)
  • An alternate testing location
  • A place to help students with accommodations from their IEP or service plans

The ANCHOR Program

Where students are:

New experiences in a
Holy Spirit driven
Opportunity filled and
Rewarding environment

The ANCHOR Program specifically helps students that have special learning needs or extra assistance, integrate into general education classrooms.  Assistance could come in many forms including additional resources from the general educational community as well as special therapies such as occupational, physical and speech to provide each child the individual tools to maximize their success.

  • Provides consistent, individualized content and curriculum appropriately guided to the needs of the students
    • General education content is modified to meet the needs of individual students.
  • Certificate of Completion program or Personal Curriculum Modified Diploma Track   
    • Follows state standards and requirements for earning a diploma. Students must  achieve a predetermined level of mastery and successfully test out of the subject matter.
    • Program driven by modified grading scale based on a mastery, achieving and developing model rather than traditional grades.
  • Students push into the gen ed classroom for 40-50% of the day
    • Inclusion in Religion, history and elective classes.
    • Self-contained classroom for reading, math, skills, sensory and motor breaks.

*Please note that there are minimum requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for the ANCHOR program.