OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThough not a sacrament, annulment information is included here because any person who wishes to enter marriage in the Catholic Church, and who has a former spouse who is living, needs to look at the possibility of needing an annulment.  An annulment determines that at the time of marriage something was missing in the relationship preventing the marriage from being sacramental.  There was a valid, legal and civil marriage, but not a valid sacramental marriage.  Listed below is information to help you through the annulment process.

  • Gather information at AOD.org website here
  • Review annulment application with advocate before starting process
  • Obtain copies of marriage license and divorce decree
  • Annulments can take up to two years to obtain
  • No date can be set for Marriage in the Catholic Church until annulment is granted

Please contact the parish office at parishoffice@ollonline.org or call 248-623-0274 to review application or with questions.