The Archdiocese of Detroit is committed to providing safe environments and fostering continuous improvement in every organization that sponsors activities and/or provides services to children and youth. The Archdiocese intends to create communities of informed adults who model appropriate behavior, are vigilant to the warning signs of abuse and take action to prevent abuse and improve safety. Likewise, the Archdiocese is determined to ensure that facilities, grounds and procedures promote optimal safety.

All adults who are paid or volunteer personnel (clergy, religious and lay) shall:

  1. Have a criminal history background check and have been provided the Pastoral or Volunteer Code of Conduct before starting work in any capacity, and
  2. Participate in a Protecting God’s Children workshop within 6 months of a staff or volunteer assignment, if the potential exists for contact with children or youth.

To register for a Protecting God’s Children workshop visit:

For more information visit the Protecting Our Youth section of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s website.