Dennis Strelchuk, President          248-297-5959
Linda Pietrzak, Vice President     248-623-9117
Tim Tomezak, Secretary               248-933-4841

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: “The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the pastor and a coordinating and unifying structure of the Parish communion.”  At Our Lady of the Lakes, the Parish Pastoral Council is the leadership body of the parish.  The council is that body that receives input from and gives direction to the parish.  They co-ordinate the work of the other parish commissions and see that the vision is kept in focus.  The Parish Pastoral Council works with its sub-committees, the various Parish Commissions.

PARISH COMMISSIONS: All parish organizations, clubs and societies relate to the parish through one of the Parish Commissions: Finance, Worship, Education and Christian Service.

Finance Commission: The Administration Commission has as its task the temporal atmosphere of the parish.  Working with the Pastor and Business Administrator, they prepare both a Budget and Financial Report for the Pastoral Council.  During the year they oversee the monthly income and expenditures of all areas of the parish.  They are also concerned with the physical properties of the parish and are engaged in long term financial and temporal planning.

Worship Commission: Worship at the Sunday liturgy is the central focus of our lives as members of the Catholic Church.  It is the time that we as a Christian Community come together to share the mystery of Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist.  It is important for all of us as members of this community to become involved as much as possible in making the liturgy a special time.  The Parish Worship Commission co-ordinates all those involved in the worship of the parish: Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist, Choir, Folk Group, Ushers Club and Altar Servers.

Education Commission: The passing on of the faith to future generations is a major work of the parish.  The Education Commission oversees all the different educational activities of the parish, including, but not limited to Parish Schools, Religious education and Adult education.

Parish Schools: Our Lady of the Lakes Parish School is the only PreK-12 Catholic school on one campus in Oakland County.

High School    Our Lady of the Lakes Parish High School has provided quality, value-centered education to parishioners and others since 1962.  The students of our coeducational high school attend many fine universities each year.  Competitively priced, our school provides a full array of curricular and extracurricular activities.  As the home of 16 state championships, our students also proudly carry on the tradition of athletic excellence in a Catholic environment.

Middle School  Established in 1998, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish Middle School has provided quality educational opportunities to 6th-8th grade children in a Catholic environment.  Realizing the special care that students of this age require, an administrator was assigned specifically to this level.  Class sizes were lowered and our curriculum was strengthened in the areas of computer, art, and foreign language.  Our middle school students continue to find success in the classroom and on the athletic fields.

Elementary School:  Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Parish Elementary School offers a strong curriculum intended to challenge students to grow academically and spiritually to reach their full potential.  Our curriculum includes Religion, Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing, English, Phonics, Spelling, Handwriting, Social Studies, Spanish, Computers, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Media instruction and adheres to state standards.  Please visit our website at www.ollonline.org for further information.

Religious Education: Our Religious Education Program provides formal catechetical instruction for children 4 years of age through 8th grade.  Our programs are coordinated with the parish grade and middle schools to offer a consistent program throughout the parish.  Sacramental instruction for Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation is also provided.

Pre-School – ages 4 and 5:  This program meets Sunday morning during the 9:30 and 11:00 Masses.

Grades 1-8: Elementary Religious Education meets on Tuesdays, Grades 1-8 at 6:15pm, and on Wednesdays, Grades 1-8 meet at 4:30 p.m. and 6:15 pm.

R.C.I.A. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults  is a process designed for adults who are thinking of becoming Catholic, for those who know that they want to become Catholic as well as for those who have been baptized but have not yet completed their Sacraments of Initiation (Eucharist and/or Confirmation).  Classes meet September through April.

R.C.I.C. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children) Please call the Religious Education Center for more information.

Christian Service: The Christian Service Commission depends largely on volunteers to run its programs.  You as a parishioner of Our Lady of the Lakes Parish are encouraged to be involved with those projects you find interesting and worthwhile.  Giving of our time and talent is what being a Christian is all about.

Funeral Luncheon Team: Assist bereaved families at the time of a funeral by serving a luncheon.  Sign up to prepare a specific dish for a luncheon or to be a server.

Right To Life: The Right To Life Commission helps by keeping life issues before the parish.  Life is God’s great gift and it must be cherished at all its stages.  The committee provides educational programs, assistance to the Pregnancy Center of Waterford, sale of RTL Christmas cards, Mother’s Day carnations and Father’s Day candy bars.

Home, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits: Visit members of the parish who may need company, or the Eucharist at your leisure.

Food Cupboard Support:  O.L.L. helps support local area food cupboards with weekly donations and seasonal food drives.

Hospitality:  Help supply hospitality for various parish and church functions.

St. Vincent de Paul Society:  O.L.L. has an active St. Vincent de Paul Society that helps those in our area who are in real need.